Presidents Message

Maplewood Garden Club’s President Monthly Message


DECEMBER ALWAYS SEEMS to catch me by surprise, as in, “Oh my gosh, it’s December already?!” It leaves me with that feeling that time is speeding by much too quickly… Where did the year go? It seemed to evaporate while doing all those errands, preparing for this and that, squeezing all those to-do’s into the schedule.

SO IT IS WITH DEEP GRATITUDE that I say thank you, to all of you, for finding the time and the energy to fit the Garden Club into your busy lives. I know how over-extended you all are, and yet you’ve been here, volunteering, all year long. Whatever you’ve done this year to pitch in where help was needed has been noticed and appreciated. None of the things we do could be accomplished without our members sharing gardening skills, finding time to plant, decorate, create, bake, organize, teach, water, sell, distribute, clean up, and support this wonderful group. We are the Maplewood Garden Club because of you.

AS THE HOLIDAYS APPROACH, and you are celebrating whichever tradition your family holds dear, I hope you give yourself time to relax and sit back and breathe in all the joy around you. Replenish your internal battery for the New Year because the Garden Club will need you again soon enough.

WISHING HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all of you and the best of everything for the New Year!

UNTIL THEN, enjoy the beauty of the holiday season.
~ Lisa Lackey