Presidents Message

Maplewood Garden Club’s President Monthly Message

October 2023

ARE YOU READY FOR OUR FIRST TRIP? On October 14, Gary Bierman, our Chairman of Trips, has made plans for us to visit the Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ. Gary selected a perfect time of year for us to stroll along the enchanting pathways of this beautiful park. Cooler temperatures and the splendor of the leaves will make our exploration of the grounds even more pleasurable.

THE PARK WAS CREATED by artist and philanthropist Seward Johnson, back in 1992, and is home to works by more than 150 artists, including Johnson. I’m sure you will enjoy the often playful sculptures, but as gardeners you will also undoubtedly appreciate the lush landscape that has been carefully choreographed to respond to the myriad of sculptural styles.

AS YOU WALK AROUND you will find many hidden treasures. Don’t miss sitting with this lovely couple sculpted by Seward Johnson and adapted from Edouard Manet’s painting, Boating, or seeing Monet’s Water Lily Pond. Pretend you’re Monet as you watch people crossing the arched bridge. Doesn’t it look like these folks are in the actual painting?

IF YOU’VE ALREADY BEEN to Grounds for Sculpture, consider going again. There are always new sculptural additions and seeing the artwork against the backdrop of fall’s colors is sure to be breathtaking. Sign up with Gary so we can obtain a group discount and make reservations for lunch, on the grounds, at Rat’s Restaurant, named for the famed character from Wind in the Willows.  I guarantee you will leave smiling after spending a wonderful day with MGC friends, art, and nature.

FIND ALL THE INFORMATION for the trip in the October newsletter.


~ Lisa Lackey