Presidents Message

Maplewood Garden Club’s President Monthly Message

May 2023

AS THE SAYING GOES, April showers bring May flowers, and so they do! Flowers are everywhere! There’s nothing like the rejuvenating feeling of Spring. Watching the earth come back to life, hearing the happiness of the birds as they sing while they build their new nests, feeling the warmth of the sun on our uncovered skin, all bring a smile to everyone’s face and a glow to our spirit. Spring begets optimism: a fresh start; a new growing season and so much to look forward to. 

THIS SPRING IS THE FIRST time in my six years of living here that I feel like I am prepared, and I owe it all to giving myself the gift of a landscaper/gardening company to come in and spring clean my planting beds. It has been a game changer! Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the endless amount of weeding there was to do, I have been freed up to do other things on my garden’s to-do list: like building a bamboo trellis for my snow peas, clearing, and then seeding part of my back yard with red clover, and creating a new flower garden in the sunniest part of my back yard. I was able to turn all my beds and nourish them with compost, so they are now ready to be planted with everything I buy from our Plant Sale. For the first time, I am organized and set for the season, and it feels great. 

NOW ALL I NEED IS for everything to happily grow! It is always exciting to see how the visions in my head come to fruition, or not, but Spring is a time of optimism, so I’m holding out hope all grows as planned. Perhaps you will join me sometime this summer when I open my garden for one of our Garden Walks? I will share my growing journey with you and show you how far it’s come along and what further dreams I have. Who will join me in sharing their special world? Perfection should not be a requirement for you, it certainly isn’t for my little oasis-in-the-making! There’s always room for improvement, each year our gardens get better and better.

I HOPE YOU WILL volunteer to share your joy with all of us. Be brave, sign up and join in the fun. Don’t wait: text or email me now so we can set a date for the walk! In the meantime, enjoy the Spring. 


~ Lisa Lackey