Pests & Invasives

The Maplewood Garden Club believes in using Native Plants whenever possible and treating pests as naturally as possible. We do recognize these goals are not always achievable but we do try our best.

The information in these pages cover both garden Pests and Invasive Plants and how best to handle them.

Lawn Pests

The best preventive to many of the pests is a healthy lawn. Two of the most common mistakes made by lawn owners is over watering and cutting too short.  A lawn only requires 1″ of water a week achieving your 1″ in just two waterings.  Mowings should be done at 2½ to 3½ inches.  A longer lawn keeps the weeds down, doesn’t stress your grass and helps retain moisture.

As much as proper lawn maintenance can help prevent pests and disease, trouble can still come despite our best efforts.  In this section we discuss the more common pests our lawns encounter here in SOMA.

Spotted Lantern Fly

Don’t let this insect’s pretty colors fool you.  They’re a menace to the New Jersey’s trees.

Japanese Beetle

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Spruce Mite

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Prunus Black Knot

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