MGC Plant Sale Recap

86th Annual
Maplewood Garden Club Plant Sale
May 2023

This Spring the Maplewood Garden Club held its 86th Annual Plant Sale at the Maplewood Community Pool on May 11, 12, and 13.  MGC members braved the beautiful sunshine and Spring temps to provide the community yet another successful MGC Plant Sale. 

The annual plant sale is the only fundraiser held by MGC each year, offering exceptional plant material, the unusual or rare plants and below market prices to the gardening community.  The funds raised enable us to generate the resources that support the ongoing projects and activities donated to the Township, some of which include: Scholarships to Columbia High School Seniors, Rutgers University Students, and Township employees for continuing education programs at Rutgers University; the Dickens Village Conservatory; the Durand-Hedden herb garden; the Hilton Rain Garden; Maplewood Library book donations; Maplewood Township greenhouses; the Memorial Garden behind Town Hall; holiday decorations at the railroad station and on various municipal buildings; and numerous gardens around town.

The Club has long term relationships with some of the best growers in the country,  under the guidance of expert and master gardeners, dedicated volunteers begin potting-up bare root perennials in mid-winter, nurturing them in the MGC nursery garden cold frames and municipal greenhouses.

Here Comes Sunshine

This year’s sale saw 3 days of gorgeous sunshine and true Spring-like temperatures.   All this meant huge crowds as the community nearly bought up everything on the first day.  

None of this would have been possible without the true dedication of my team members that worked for many months behind the scenes to make sure that this three day Pop-up Garden Center would all run smoothly.

Aleeda Crawley – Junior Chair Head Cheerleader
Kathy Kohlman – My Wing Chair & Perennial Signage
Dace Spanier – Head Bean Counter & CFO
Joanne Beckerich – Seedling, Cutting, Caladium, Setup and Layout Queen
Laura Nial – Perennial Queen
David Nial – Horticulture King
Judy Cronin – Revenue and After-Sale Mom
Christina Ainge – Revenue Maven and Techie Diane Collins Media Momma
Dennis Cronin – Truck Driver, Roadie, and Wing Man
Liz Demkin – Box Lady, Printer, Coleus Propagator, and Reclamation Maven
Karen Donovan – Coleus Propagator, Reclamation, and Chow Momma
Maria Mulkern – Soup Yahtzee
Veronica Demkin-Dick – Basket Lady
Penelope Demkin-Dick – Basket Lady
Lisa Lackey – MGC President, Truck Driver, and CIT (Chair in Training)
Peter Johnstone – Public Relations Pop

The MGC After Sale Sale at the Cronin’s driveway