Maria M’s Maplewood Garden

“Historically, we have been in our home since 2012, The previous owners put the garden in and they planted several Japanese specimens.” 
An arborist told Maria they have many older & more unique varieties on their property.

“Remembering my childhood, I was helping with farming tasks as early as 1st grade at just 6 years old.”
Growing up on a farm, Maria learned early on the difference between a weed and a bean.  Was it inspiration or more likely perspiration!?!  Tending to a vegetable garden as a youngster was a chore.  So much so that Maria prefers flowers over veggies and canning.
With six siblings, Maria lead the kids to help out wherever needed.

Her Grandmother LOVED flowers and almost preferred them to people!! 

Maria loves sitting on her back porch overlooking her gardens and fish pond.
Hope you enjoy and appreciate the beauty she has created.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this virtual tour of Maria’s beautiful, tranquil garden!

Hibiscus Midnight Marvel 

All photographs were taken by Joy Yagid (