Gardening Tips-Miscellaneous

On this page we offer you a bunch of miscellaneous gardening tips, from growing vegetables, planting trees, lawn care, etc.

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Growing Vegetables from Seed

We have some wonderful material on growing vegetables from seed from both the Rutgers EDU Cooperative and MGC’s own Monika Hannemann.

Planting & Keeping your new Tree Alive & Happy

We’re all excited to plant a new tree in our gardens, but without proper setup and care that excitement can quickly come to an end if our tree wilts and dies.  

In these tips we’re going to help you have the best chance of growing a healthy and happy new tree.

Green Gardening

We can choose to “go green” in almost all facets of our lives and daily activities. As gardeners, there are some ways we can care for our lawn and property with environmental and resource conservation in mind.  Check out these tips on Going Green in your gardening.


Pruning helps to keep our plants healthy, improve their structure and appearance.In this section we will help you identify the right season for your plants, the methods and tools to use.

Lawn Care

You most likely have at least a patch of grass to care for if not most of your outdoor space being grass. No matter the size of your lawn, they might look easy to grow and maintain, but you probably already know it isn’t always as easy as it looks.

This section covers lawn care and lawn alternatives for those willing to take the leap away from grass.


Composting is the natural process of recycling organic matter into a valuable fertilizer that can enrich soil and plants.  If it grows, eventually it decomposes.  Through the art of composting we speed up that process to produce a richer, more fertile soil that many agriculturists refer to as ‘Black Gold’.

See How the Experts Do It

Arboretums & Botanical Gardens

Touring arboretums and botanical gardens is a wonderful way to get ideas for your own garden. We are lucky to have many fabulous gardens in our area that make for fun day trips. Here’s a sampling of some of our favorites.