November Club Meeting

Event Details

November 2023

Monday, November 6, at 7:30 PM

Subject: Herbs from Around the World
Speaker: Patrick McDuffee

Well-Sweep Herb Farm in Port Murray, New Jersey, is home to one of the largest collections of potted herbs in the world, along with a collection of their unique cultural stories and uses.  Patrick McDuffee, the third generation of the Well-Sweep family, will share with us the scents and flavors from East Asia, the Mediterranean, South America, and beyond.  He will tell us how to successfully grow these plants on a windowsill, on a patio or in a garden.  Tips and tricks from growing to harvesting, some culinary and medicinal tidbits, as well as herbal lore will also be shared.

Artistic Design ExhibitsPlease read “Artistic Design Rules” of this yearbook as well as the 2017 revised edition of the Handbook for Flower Shows.

Theme:  Felled Totem –
a painting by David Hockney

Challenge:  Multi-Rhythmic Design, see Handbook, p. 75.
Intermediate:  Assemblage Design, see Handbook, p.77.
Novice: American Traditional Line -Mass Vertical Design, see Handbook, p.71.
Open: Designer’s choice (one entry per member).

Horticultural Exhibits – Please read “Horticulture Division Rules” beginning on page 12 of this yearbook as well as the 2017 revised edition of the Handbook for Flower Shows.

1. Flowering, berried, fruited or coned branch (not to exceed 24”)
2. Chrysanthemum collection
3. Container grown flowering plant
4. Open (maximum 2 entries per member)