March Club Meeting

Event Details

Subject: Adapting Small Farm Methods to a Backyard Garden Speaker: Anthony Bracco This lecture raises awareness as to where our food comes from — the difference between Factory Farm vs. Family Farm, Local Grown vs. Distant Grown, Organic vs. Conventional, and much more.  Along with sharing growing techniques, Tony will describe natural and sustainable methods you can use in your backyard garden.

Biographical information:

Anthony Bracco and his family live in Cedar Grove, NJ.  He has run a graphic design business for over 35 years.  Twelve years ago he and his wife bought a 25-acre farm in the “Black Dirt” region of Pine Island, NY. Anthony, who was an avid gardener most of his life, had intended to be a hobby farmer on just an acre growing his family the cleanest produce possible using Non-GMO seeds; hand cultivation of weeds; old fashioned farm equipment; picking only when ready; without chemicals, fertilizers, irrigation, pesticides, or herbicides; and allowing the beautiful Black Dirt soil to naturally regenerate each season. These simple, obvious, time-honored, sustainable farming techniques produced a shocking abundance of produce.  Immediately that first season, chefs began to take notice of the dramatic difference in taste.   And so, after just one season, Bracco Farms was born. Artistic Design ExhibitsPlease read “Artistic Design Rules” of this yearbook as well as the 2017 revised edition of the Handbook for Flower Shows.

March Theme: Green

Challenge: Illuminary Design, see Handbook, p. 74 Intermediate: Creative Underwater Design, see Handbook, p. 79 Novice: Traditional Mass Asymmetrical Triangle Design, see Handbook, p. 70-71. Open: Designer’s Choice (one entry per member)

Horticulture Exhibits 1. Forced Forsythia (not to exceed 24″ in length) 2. Bromeliad 3. Iridaceae (Crocus) 4. Open (maximum 2 entries per person)