March Club Meeting

Event Details

March 2024

Monday, March 4, at 7:30 PM

Subject:  Replacing the Green Desert: Native Plant Alternatives to Turf
Speaker: Kim Eierman


The great American love affair with the Green Desert (aka lawn) has a long tradition with a very high ecological cost. Exotic grass lawns are virtual wastelands in our local ecosystems, providing little to our native species, while demanding tremendous amounts of water, labor, and fertilizer.  Kim Eierman explains how to turn a lifeless lawn into a thriving ecological system filled with native plant alternatives.

Artistic Design ExhibitsPlease read “Artistic Design Rules” of this yearbook as well as the 2017 revised edition of the Handbook for Flower Shows.

Theme:  Clock Explosion –
a painting by Salvador Dali

Challenge:  Abstract Creative Design, see Handbook, p.77.
Intermediate:  Creative Armature Design, see Handbook, p.77.
Novice:  American Traditional Line S-Curve Design, see Handbook, p.71.
Open: Designer’s choice (one entry per member).

Horticultural Exhibits – Please read “Horticulture Division Rules” beginning on page 12 of this yearbook as well as the 2017 revised edition of the Handbook for Flower Shows.

1. Forced Forsythia (not to exceed 24”)
2. Salix discolor (Pussy Willow) (not to exceed 24”)
3. Iridaceae (Crocus)
4. Open (maximum 2 entries per member)