Leonard Buck Garden Visit

Event Details

Escape with the Maplewood Garden Club to the Leonard J. Buck Garden, where native and exotic plants are displayed in a naturalistic garden setting. The wooded, rocky ravine is home to numerous wildflowers interspersed among flowering trees and shrubs. This venue is truly a place of great natural beauty!

Details are still being firmed up. The cost will be $10 per person, and tickets will be purchased in advance. We will be having an official guided tour, and will be greeted by Kathleen Podgalsky, who gave us all a lovely virtual presentation at our recent February Club meeting. Afterwards, we can eat our bagged lunches at picnic tables which will be designated for our private use.

For any of us who are still adventurous, down the road, less than a ten minute drive, is a beautiful park, known as NATIRAR. Lovely nature trails surround a small waterfall and stream, providing spectacular views. This additional leg of the trip is OPTIONAL, and there is no extra charge for those who are game.

We hope many of you can join us. For those who are interested, please contact Gary Bierman, MGC Chairperson of Trips and Tours.

~ Gary Bierman (917) 975-5255 Gbird101@aol.com