Subject: The Magic of a Winter Garden Speaker: Jana Milboker The garden can be a magical place – even in winter! Stripped of summer foliage and flowers, the success of a winter garden lies in its structure, basic design and choice of plant material. This richly illustrated lecture provides inspiration and tips on designing your […]

Subject: Garden Crafts and Projects Speaker: C. L. Fornari Let’s celebrate creativity in the garden! This virtual program will inspire you with indoor and outdoor projects that will get your creative juices flowing. See what you can create with objects you might already have in your garage or closets. Learn how to plant a large […]

Subject: Adapting Small Farm Methods to a Backyard Garden Speaker: Anthony Bracco This lecture raises awareness as to where our food comes from — the difference between Factory Farm vs. Family Farm, Local Grown vs. Distant Grown, Organic vs. Conventional, and much more.  Along with sharing growing techniques, Tony will describe natural and sustainable methods […]

Subject: Mocktails:  The Art of Non-Alcoholic Mixology Speaker: Vanessa Young Flavorful and sophisticated non-alcoholic drinks are perfect for entertaining and everyday enjoyment. Learn about the art of making drinks, syrups, infusions, and edible garnishes. We will even explore how to use herbs and spices to approximate the flavors of popular cocktail spirits. Biographical information: Vanessa […]

Subject:  Secrets of the 86th Annual MGC Plant Sale Speaker: MGC Plant Sale Committee Members Get some behind-the-scenes glimpses of New Jersey’s “Big Momma of Plant Sales” and learn what makes the sale so popular and so much fun. We’ll also preview some of the many (many!) perennials, annuals, herbs and other special and unique […]