Since 1927, the Maplewood Garden Club has been a hands-on garden club, open to the people of Maplewood, NJ and the surrounding communities.  Meetings are held September through May at The Woodland in Maplewood at 7:30 p.m. and are open to the public.

Maplewood Garden Club at 95 Years and Still Going Strong!
Wow we’re 95 years old and still running strong!  With COVID mostly in our rearview mirror we’re physically socially active again and enjoying our 95th year as we once again engage in person.  


Welcome to 2023-24 MGC Season

November’s Club Meeting
November’s Club meeting will feature Patrick McDuffee’s presentation “Herbs from Around the World.”  

Well-Sweep Herb Farm in Port Murray, New Jersey, is home to one of the largest collections of potted herbs in the world, along with a collection of their unique cultural stories and uses.  Patrick McDuffee, the third generation of the Well-Sweep family, will share with us the scents and flavors from East Asia, the Mediterranean, South America, and beyond.  He will tell us how to successfully grow these plants on a windowsill, on a patio or in a garden.  Tips and tricks from growing to harvesting, some culinary and medicinal tidbits, as well as herbal lore will also be shared.

Learn more on our November Events Page.


Every year the MGC propagates hundreds of coleus to sell at our Plant Sale in May.  The process starts in October when we collect “Mother Plants” that have spent the summer growing and thriving in various members’ gardens and in the Durand Hedden Herb Garden. These plants will hang out warm and cozy at their prime beauty in the Quonset hut (the middle greenhouse behind town hall) until late November/early December when we gather a group and have some fun clipping, dipping (in rooting hormone), and sticking (in rooting medium). The babies then need to be pampered until their roots grow long and hearty and at that time we gather the group again to transplant them into small pots filled with Promix. They are again pampered to allow growth. They need to be pruned periodically to make them nice and bushy. After one more transplanting and a little more pruning, the coleus are ready to meet our customers.

If interested email us at plantsale@maplewoodgardenclub.org

November Design Exhibit!

THEME: Painting with Flowers

Each month we will use a famous painting as the inspiration for our floral designs. Look at each painting and be inspired by not just the colors and composition the artist used, but also the textures, depth, and movement of the eye they achieved.   A specific artist and their painting will be featured each month.   November’s artist is David Hockney with the painting Felled Totem.

For more information visit our Design Exhibits page!