Maplewood Garden Club at 97 Years and Still Going Strong!

Since 1927, the Maplewood Garden Club has been a hands-on garden club, open to the people of Maplewood, NJ and the surrounding communities.  Meetings are held September through May at The Woodland in Maplewood at 7:30 p.m. and are open to the public.

Welcome to 2023-24 MGC Season

March’s Club Meeting
March’s Club meeting will feature Kim Eierman’s presentation “Replacing the Green Desert: Native Plant Alternatives to Turf

Kim is the founder of EcoBeneficial LLC.  Based in New York, she is an environmental horticulturist and ecological landscape designer specializing in native plants.  Kim Eierman created EcoBeneficial LLC to show how simple changes in our landscapes can make huge environmental improvements. Through horticultural consulting, ecological design with native plants, teaching, speaking and writing, Kim and EcoBeneficial want to change our world.  She is the author of the book The Pollinator Victory Garden: Win the War on Pollinator Decline with Ecological Gardening.

Learn more on our March Events Page.

March Design Exhibit!

THEME: Painting with Flowers

Each month we will use a famous painting as the inspiration for our floral designs. Look at each painting and be inspired by not just the colors and composition the artist used, but also the textures, depth, and movement of the eye they achieved.   A specific artist and their painting will be featured each month.   March’s artist is Salvador Dali with the painting Clock Explosion.

For more information visit our Design Exhibits page!

Plant Sale Preparations Are Revving Up

Potting-Up Parties
Beginning Saturday March 16th

MGC’s very large shipment of bareroot and plug perennials will arrive in early March. For our newest members, this means it is time to ‘party’ in the greenhouse – get our hands in the soil, discover how much we don’t know about plant structure, pot up thousands of plants to grow on for the sale, and start making a shopping list. Being together in the warm and sunny Upper Greenhouse (behind Town Hall) is a lovely experience that members look forward to each spring.

This year’s dates and times for the potting up are:

Saturdays, March 16 & 23 (10am – Noon  and 2pm – 4pm)
Sundays, March 17 & 24  (9:30am – 11:30am)
Weekdays, March 18, 21 & 25 (10am – Noon)

Signups and more information at upcoming club meetings


Every year the MGC propagates hundreds of coleus to sell at our Plant Sale in May.  The process starts in October when we collect “Mother Plants” that have spent the summer growing and thriving in various members’ gardens and in the Durand Hedden Herb Garden. These plants will hang out warm and cozy at their prime beauty in the Quonset hut (the middle greenhouse behind town hall) until late November/early December when we gather a group and have some fun clipping, dipping (in rooting hormone), and sticking (in rooting medium). The babies then need to be pampered until their roots grow long and hearty and at that time we gather the group again to transplant them into small pots filled with Promix. They are again pampered to allow growth. They need to be pruned periodically to make them nice and bushy. After one more transplanting and a little more pruning, the coleus are ready to meet our customers.

If interested email us at plantsale@maplewoodgardenclub.org

Maplewood Memorial Library Foundation

At our November meeting, the Garden Club presented a $5,000 check to Ben Cohen, President of the Maplewood Memorial Library Foundation, and Sarah Lester, Library Director, for the construction of the new Main Library.  The connection between the Garden Club and the Library began with the building of the Main Library in the 1950s.  MGC contributed to the original construction as well as the 1970s addition plus funded plantings, tables and media equipment over the years.  Beginning in the 1950s, MGC held its monthly meetings, workshops and flower shows at the Library.  Ben Cohen expressed appreciation for MGC’s donation and noted that MGC would be listed on the donor honor wall.  Sarah Lester also thanked the Club and expressed her hope that the Library will be able to welcome MGC back in the fall of 2024.