Presidents Message

Maplewood Garden Club’s President Monthly Message


THE MAGIC OF FALL! I grew up in the northeast and have always marveled at the simple magic of the leaves transforming from a soothing, peaceful green to vibrant flame tones. Between the colors and the cooler, but not yet cold weather, fall has always been my favorite time of year. I feel sorry for people who miss out on the beauty we experience. It seems that one week, everything is still mostly green, and then all of a sudden the trees put on their autumn dresses. While I try to deny that we are rapidly approaching the end of the year, the leaves, the much shorter days, and the stores (Christmas stuff already???) are constant reminders that I’ll soon be shoveling snow.

After seeing the Monthly Gardening Tips on our site, I see I’ve still got a number of tasks to do before I can take a break from the garden for the winter…and before that first frost rolls in. By the way, if you’ve got perennials that need dividing, remember to make a few extra pots for your favorite Garden Club.

I WANT TO THANK OUR MEMBERS for adapting to our new meeting platform. It’s great to see everyone, and the speakers have been engaging and informative; I fully expect that trend to continue. Even though we are not meeting, there are still ways to remain connected. As with any large group, the work is done by smaller, active groups, and there are certainly ways for the smaller groups to manage their tasks safely. If and when you are asked, I hope you will say yes. I also hope you will invite your friends, family and neighbors to join us.  We had 40 households at our October meeting (not 40 people), and there is room for more.

THERE ARE SOME TREATS and surprises in store for our members, and rather than spoiling the surprise, I’ll ask you to “please stay tuned”. Details will follow in our newsletter, email blast and website. Please take a look inside at our Gardening Shirts; they make great holiday gifts for all gardeners. I AM CONTINUING to phone members to say hello, and my garden gate is always open if you want to make a suggestion, comment on our activities, volunteer, or lead an activity.

Stay safe, and sane!

~ Aleeda Crawley