Presidents Message

Maplewood Garden Club’s President Monthly Message


PERFECT VS. GOOD. Voltaire famously wrote: the perfect is the enemy of the good. My interpretation is that while we may strive for perfection, we should never view a good attempt as a failure.

SO IT IS THESE DAYS. Winter will soon fully be with us, and relapse of COVID-19, too. We are likely to be homebound for a while, and our activities will be constrained because of the colder weather. While you may be jealous of bears that can hibernate and wake up a few months later, please remember that the good is actually pretty good; we have been able to meet and share information, just as we do at our in-person meetings. We have remained safe; we will be able to help decorate our train station, but, again, we make adjustments.

WINTERTIME IS the gardener’s planning season. Soon, the seed catalogs will arrive, snowdrops and forsythia will bloom; the cycle is as it has always been, pandemic or not. I’ll bet some of you already have a list of things you want to grow and projects you want to do in your next garden.

THE MAPLEWOOD GARDEN CLUB is planning, too. Our program is complete through the spring; the plant sale committee is also at work. Our fundraising efforts are underway, and we are recruiting members to take on tasks for members who have provided years of service. Everyone should have a turn on the board so they can see firsthand how the amazing work gets done.

MASK UP, keep your distance, and wash your hands. Our gardens and the Maplewood Garden Club are waiting, and neither demands perfection. Our “good” is pretty darned good! Stay safe, and sane, and happy holidays to you and your loved ones!

Stay safe, and sane!

~ Aleeda Crawley