Presidents Message

Maplewood Garden Club’s President Monthly Message


A HAPPY SPRING TO ALL, and a question: How far in advance do you plan your garden? Do you haunt local gar- dens through the year, nurseries in season and thumb through the winter catalogs with longing? Perhaps you are one of those people who wing it, patiently waiting to see what has made it through the winter and then you choose?

WHEN I FIRST STARTED gardening, everything was planned. The daffodils were planted only where they would be covered by the day-lilies. The wild strawberries were planted so they could run amok in the backyard. These days, my garden is mostly improvisational.  With the exception of the fig tree and the lavender on the walkway, the current garden has been based on the wonderful purchases (and photos and recommendations) available at our annual Plant Sale. I love the freedom of choosing on the fly, and it is rare that I plan very far ahead.

LAST YEAR, HOWEVER, I decided to plant sunflowers along the driveway this year. I thought it would be bright and cheery for both my neighbor and me, and offer a chance for both cutting during the growing season and roasted sunflower seeds later on. Little did I know that the sunflowers would also bring a poignant thought, for the farmers and gardeners in Ukraine.  I can hardly imagine how it would feel to lose not only the garden I had lovingly tended, but my home, and loved ones. The sunflowers I plant will remind me to treasure my garden, neighbors and loved ones even more. They will serve as a living tribute to those gardeners in Ukraine…and Syria…and Sudan, until they can return to their gardens in peace once more.

~ Aleeda Crawley