Kathy K’s Maplewood Garden

Kathy’s love of gardening began when she first met her husband Bill in 1993.  His home was in green suburbia and they loved spending time outdoors so planting around the house was a natural outcome and her love of gardening began.   

When they moved into their Maplewood home in 1997 the back yard was essentially an empty lot with an abandoned rabbit hutch.  They immediately began planning and planting to create an outdoor oasis for themselves, their family and friends to enjoy.

This past summer a new garden space was added to the front lawn near the public sidewalk that was difficult to keep green.  This garden was filled with plants that require little water, yet added color, texture and excitement to a previous plain and unnoticed area.

When asked what part of the garden she enjoyed the most, Kathy quickly answered
All of it!

All photographs were taken by Joy Yagid (www.joyyagid.com).