JudyC’s Maplewood Garden

We bought our Maplewood house about 17 years ago and found that the yard had been neglected and overgrown with weeds, brush and other things that I dare not mention here. The property was cleared, graded and new garden beds filled with fresh soil.
Then the fun began!

I grew up around gardens in Rhode Island. My mother, Violette, inspired and nurtured my love of planting seeds and watching them grow. She had a large vegetable garden with a few splashes of marigolds and my siblings and I were always around to help out. I was given a small space in her garden to grow whatever I wanted. I chose to plant flowers!

First I planted some larger shrubs and an American holly tree to add some interest and bones to the garden. Then I added lots of perennials, annuals for color and some herbs for fragrance. I also planted violets and marigolds!

The best thing I did was to join the Maplewood Garden Club !
I met many new friends and learned so much more about gardening in NJ.

My garden is ever changing. A shade garden has become a sun garden. Plants have come and gone. I renew the garden every year by adding new plants purchased at the annual Maplewood Garden Club Plant Sale

This pandemic year I decided to add a birdbath with a solar fountain to my patio. I also added many potted plants along with two umbrella tables spaced six feet apart. It quickly became my favorite place to have breakfast, lunch and dinner, but most of all it was an ideal venue for safely visiting with family and friends.

My garden is my refuge. It gives me time to be quiet and to listen.
It is calming and peaceful.

Purple dutura with green edging

I hope you enjoyed this virtual walk through my garden as much as I enjoy it on a summer’s evening. – JudyC

All photographs were taken by Joy Yagid (www.joyyagid.com).