Jane B’s West Orange Garden

Growing up Jane was inspired by her mother’s love of gardening leading her to build her very own little Shangri-La in West Orange.  She moved into her corner property home in 1973 and made her first landscape improvement by planting a variety Hostas under the existing large shade trees.  One of Jane’s earliest plantings was a 6″ Hemlock sapling she received her horticulturist adult school teacher.  That sapling is now a beautiful 25 foot tree.  Jane has never stopped adding, subtracting, moving specimens to evolve her gardens as you can find them today.

Jane B’s garden was photographed the 2nd week of September 2020 in the early afternoon of a glorious late summer day.  

Jane took several Horticulture courses at the SOMA Adult School, where an instructor suggested she join the MGC where she’s been a very active member ever since.  Adding a deck, patio, trellises and fencing,  she then filled her living landscape over time from mail order catalogs and the Maplewood Garden Club Annual Plant Sale. 

Jane added container planters  with annuals and tropical Dahlia bulbs,  Canna Rhizomes, and Elephant Ear tubers which are replanted each spring.  If that isn’t enough she maintains a hearty veggie garden too.

Following are some specimen plantings that highlight Jane’s garden. Many of these were purchased over time from the Maplewood Garden Club’s Annual Plant Sale.

All photographs were taken by Joy Yagid (www.joyyagid.com).