Garden Walk

Each month we will present you a Virtual Garden Walk from one of our member’s pride & joy.  Gardens will be identified by the member’s First Name and Town only.  If you desire a personal tour please reach out to the Club Board where we’ll be happy to put you in touch with the garden owner.

Here are our latest Virtual Garden Walks

January 2021

Aleeda’s Share Garden is one she openly shares with friends and neighbors.  Dahlias, Zinnias and more.  Come visit this virtual garden walk as Aleeda share’s her garden with you.


December 2020

Valorie’s labor of love is in Maplewood.  Although she started with a good palette, she put in a lot of sweat equity – soil improvement, adding, moving, replacing plants until she found what worked best where in her little Eden.  Today she’s able to find some time to sit, relax and enjoy her garden, but Valorie can’t sit still for long as she always finds something to adjust and enhance her garden.  Take a peek, we’re sure you’ll enjoy. 

November 2020

Jane B’s Petite Shangri-La in West Orange. Forty-five years in the making, a beautiful corner plot garden made up of hardscape, architectural fences, objects and all types of living-scapes from tropicals to Zone 7 hearty plantings. And most of it purchased over the years from our Maplewood Garden Club Annual Plant Sale! We hope you enjoy!