November 2019 Club Meeting

Event Details

The November Club Meeting (Open to the General Public).

Jazzing Up the Garden with Color, Contrast and Movement

Presentation by Karen Bussolini (

Do you savor sizzling plant combinations in other peoples’ gardens, while being dissatisfied with your own? The widely-published garden photographer, writer and speaker Karen Bussolini will show us how to look a lot closer at what makes certain combinations work – or not.
She will show us how plants need to interact, to carry on conversations with one another, and to have dynamic contrasts. Jazzing Up the Garden provides simple, intuitive ways of thinking about combining plants that we can use easily. This talk is packed with dozens of exciting plant combinations photographed in gardens across the country. Karen will sign copies of her books after her presentation.

Karen has provided a handout for her presentation.  Please print it and bring along to the November meeting.