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Clean up the flower garden. Remove dead annuals, cut back dead tops on perennials, thin out groundcovers, trim a few unruly shrub branches, stash stakes and pull weeds. Leave some tops on heavy seeder perennials for the birds. Continue reading



  • Finish planting in early October. Most perennials can be divided now.  All divisions and transplanting should be finished by the middle of October. Note: some perennials resent division, such as butterfly weed, euphorbia, Oriental poppy, and gas plants (Dictamnus albus). Continue reading



• Now is the time to divide and transplant many spring and summer-flowering perennials. Some to divide now include iris, yarrow, oriental poppies, Rudbeckia, and peonies. Care should be taken to replant them as soon as possible to prevent them from drying out. Try to finish this by the end of the month so that plants can be established before winter. Daylilies are more flexible and can wait until spring. Phlox should wait until spring. Continue reading