Aleeda C’s Maplewood Garden

This month we are featuring Aleeda C’s  front yard Butterfly & Sharing Garden.  Aleeda says “Gardening is a social activity, especially this year.  Everyone who passes by comments on my garden, giving me such a warm feeling of community.  Every year I cut lilacs and share with neighbors.”

Aleeda’s front yard Zinnia Bed from where she shares cuttings with her delighted neighbors

I spent summers in South Carolina on my grandparents’ farm, so I have been gardening since I was very young.  At my parents’ home in the Bronx, I grew plants and vegetables. My mom, having grown up on a farm, would only grow houseplants!

My aunt who lived in NJ and my grandparents were the first gardeners I knew.  When I visited, they always sent me home with something from the garden, either fresh or canned.

My fig tree, a gift from a friend, produced a bumper crop.

“When I moved here from NYC, one of the things I was MOST looking forward to was planting a garden in my sunny yard. My take on gardening, even before I owned my home, was you cannot share a lawn.  As a commuter, I was always looking for plants that were not high maintenance, but offered long seasons and lots of color. 

Purple flowered spires are Obedient Plant or False Dragonhead of the Mint family – Lamiaceae

“I am always willing to change things in my garden, and move things to make room for something else.  I’ve potted a dozen obedient plants to add to the MGC member-grown area at next year’s sale.  Did I mention I’m an optimist?”

I am thrilled with my MGC tomatoes and my California Giant Zinnia and Dahlias that offer bouquet after bouquet. These are replanted every Spring.

I share flowers, herbs, vegetables, and plants with neighbors and passersby.  I’ve received many plant gifts from other gardeners in return.  If you’d like a closer look at my Share Garden, please come by and we’ll share.

All photographs were taken by Joy Yagid (