5 Ways to Keep Your New Tree Alive and Happy

Congratulations, you have a new tree! Now what? Here are 5 easy tips to help your new tree get off to a good start.

1. Quench your tree’s thirst: Once a week, your tree needs a deep watering. If we don’t get enough rain, use your garden hose to deliver a slow trickle for an hour over the whole root area.

2. Watch Your Step: Tree roots need air, water and open space in the soil. Driving over or lots of walking near the roots will collapse the pore spaces in the soil, blocking the flow of air and water to the roots.

 3. Mulch: A 3″ layer of wood chips over the planting site will prevent weeds from invading and will eliminate the need to mow close to the tree. Do not pile mulch up against the trunk; leave a 2-3” space clear around the base.

4. Protect the Bark: Scraping or cutting the bark may allow pests to attack the tree. Be extra careful when using weed-whackers or lawn mowers near the tree.

 5. Keep the Soil Clean: Weed killers can harm tree roots: read labels carefully. Your tree does not need to be fertilized the first year.