Since 1927, the Maplewood Garden Club has been a hands-on garden club, open to the people of Maplewood, NJ and the surrounding communities.  Meetings are held September through May at The Woodland in Maplewood at 7:30 p.m. and are open to the public.

Maplewood Garden Club at 95 Years and Still Going Strong!
Wow we’re 95 years old and still running strong!  With COVID mostly in our rearview mirror we’re physically socially active again and enjoying our 95th year as we once again engage in person.  


Welcome to 2023-24 MGC Season

October’s Club meeting will feature Teri Dunn Chace’s presentation will explain how “EVERY SEED TELLS A STORY.”  

Though small and often not noticed or examined carefully, seeds are simply amazing what they look like, what they do, how they do it, as they work towards their goal of self-replication. The strangeness and fascination in the seeds of plants as familiar as oaks and dandelions, and as curious as figs and hellebores, will be revealed using the gorgeous “image-stacked” photographs by Robert Llewellyn.   

Learn more on our October Events Page.


The Plant Swap will be happening again! This free exchange benefits ourselves and those that pop in on our meetings. As you scan your garden please be thinking about what you might pot up for a newcomer, maybe bring some cuttings in water or seeds.

Instructions and names are helpful (watering needs and kind of light especially). Try to introduce that plant to others who may not know of it and encourage them to adopt (often not necessary!). Something new is always appreciated in our gardens or inside. Thanks in advance!

October Design Exhibit!

THEME: Painting with Flowers

Each month we will use a famous painting as the inspiration for our floral designs. Look at each painting and be inspired by not just the colors and composition the artist used, but also the textures, depth, and movement of the eye they achieved.   A specific artist and their painting will be featured each month.   October’s artist is Edvard Munch with the painting The Scream.

For more information visit our Design Exhibits page!